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Innovation Deusto Seidor

Deusto Seidor Commitment to Innovation

In Deusto Seidor we have created DS Labs, Business R+D Unit recognized as agent of the Basque Network of Science, Technology and Innovation.

Founded in 2013, the mission of DS Labs is the applied research and development of technologies in order to build telecommunications and innovative information systems solutions that allow us to create products of high technological valueto improve our competitiveness and our customers.

The template of the Center rises to 12 researchers..

More about DS Labs

Aims and Expectations

Create own products of high technological level, compared to the model of custom solutions or customized.

Anticipate solutions to existing problems, against model based to meet the demand.

Offer attractive products, which can be consumed in the international market, against the current national or regional customers.

Offer cloud hosting solutions that favor the internationalization, compared to the model based on deployments in the customer’s home.

Technological Lines

  • Emerging technologies.
  • Cibersecurity.
  • Information management.
  • Internet of the future.
  • Internet of things.

Innovación DS Labs
Innovación DS Labs

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